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Contact us at (719)-564-6191
Contact us at (719)-564-6191
Contact us at (719)-564-6191
Contact us at (719)-564-6191
Contact us at (719)-564-6191
Contact us at (719)-564-6191


Extraordinary domestic birds hand-raised for you

You can expect only the finest pet birds in the best of health at Pet Paradise of Pueblo, CO. A wide selection of birds is here for you at reasonable rates. We recommend visiting our store to see the beautiful colors of our birds' feathers to help you decide what you'd like.

  • Parakeets and parrots
  • Canaries and finches
  • Conures and cockatiels



You also get a great setup deals for birds purchased

Your new feathered friend can get food, toys, cages, and other essentials right from the store. Take a look at our selection of accessories and goods that will help your bird live a long, healthy, happy life.


Knowledgeable Staff

Expect only the best service and the most delightful animals to select from.